How To Join

To join PQMRA you can contact members of the Executive Board including:

President -  Sean August (503) 969-2506

Not quite sure if you are ready to join, but don't know what to do next? The best way to get started is to first read the Novice Program information. Come to a club meeting. Our club meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at the ice cream parlor at Alpenrose Dairy. Bring your kids to the meeting so they can meet the other kids! Talk to the parents. Can't come to a club meeting? Come to the race track on any race day. Race day admission is always free. Talk to the families.

PQMRA also offers your child the opportunity to gear up, buckle up, and test drive a quarter midget race car before requiring any membership fees or purchase of equipment, so your child can test his/her interests without obligation. Test drive Ride Days are held throughout the year for a fee of $20/day. PQMRA encourages your entire family to take time to participate in this opportunity. Ride Day dates can be found on our race schedule. The cost is $20 per day, per driver, and safety gear and training are provided.

When you are ready to join contact us and we will get you the necessary paperwork and set you up for novice training. You will need to provide a copy of your child's birth certificate and a 1x1 passport style photo of yourself for your membership badge. Even if you missed the novice classes at the beginning of the season, we can provide personal novice training (included with membership) at the time you join.

Membership for the family (two handlers and one driver) is approximately $175 and INCLUDES the cost of insurance and membership in the National QMA organization, in addition to club membership. Each additional driver is only $5. With your membership you are able to drive at ANY QMA racetrack in the country. Our racetrack is always open for member practice (except during posted hours).

Don't have a car, or don't want to buy one, at first? You can RENT a car! Ask for details. If you need to find a car and don't know where to look, try our classifieds section. You can also look on other club classified sections by using our Region 9 club links. As long as the car is in one of our Region 9 club areas, you should have no problem getting the car to you. Our families either travel all over the region, or know others in the club who can get the car to you easily.

While racing CAN be expensive, you don't HAVE to spend a lot to participate. We have members from all parts of the community. Some have trailers and some use their pickup. Some have tons of equipment and some have a toolbox of basic screwdrivers and wrenches. Some have a gazillion tires and some have two sets of right side tires for the whole season. While many members travel to all the race tracks in our region and all the Grands races across the nation, some members choose only to run the club races. You are not required, or obligated, to run any races. For the most part, it's really up to YOU how much money you spend on this sport. Don't let it scare you. There are always people to lend you expertise, a tool to use, or even car parts. Our racing families would love to see you at the races! Come join the fun!