Race Format

2014 Race Format:

These rules and procedures, supplemented by Quarter Midgets of America tech specifications, rules, and regulations, govern activities at all Portland Quarter Midget Racing Association events. 

General Information:
No racecars shall use the track for practice or racing before 9:00 am on weekdays and Saturdays or 10:00am on Sundays. Special circumstances are allowed for region or national races and must be directed through the club President. Any non-PQMRA member must have a PQMRA member present to utilize the track for practice. All PQMRA members are expected to respect and follow the Alpenrose Dairy facility rules and policy.All official PQMRA business and communication with Alpenrose Dairy will be handled by the President or a designee by the President.The race track will remain locked at all times when the track is not being used. Members are responsible for locking the gate when finished with practice.Valid QMA identification with club affiliation must be available at all times during a racing event. The race track and hot chute are restricted to General Members and Alternate Handlers only and must have current QMA identification.

Code of Conduct:
Per the PQMRA Bylaws, QMA code of conduct will be enforced at all events. During racing events while race conditions exist, the use of intoxicants by car owners, mechanics, pit attendants or track officials is strictly prohibited. Any member in the area of a scheduled event violating this rule will be escorted from the event and/or suspended for a period as noted in the Code of Commitment policy.Each participant, handler, racecar owner, and sponsor(s) will fulfill all requirements and applicable rules of racing, while conducting oneself in a sportsman like manner. All participants are expected to sign the Code of Commitment policy and adhere to all rules.

General Racing Rules:
Pit Fees include (Per Driver):  $25 for the first car, $15 for each additional car, and no transponder fee (for club races only). Any handler wishing to have their driver participate in an upper competitive class must first receive approval from the Novice Committee and Regional Director. You cannot approach any Racing Officials other than the Race Director (e.g., tower, flagger, judges, scorers, etc). The penalty can be a suspension for the race day. If any additional disciplinary action is necessary, the Code of Conduct process can be followed. The location of the transponder is a DQ item. The transponder must be located on either side of the race car, 40 inches minimum to 44 inches maximum from the front of the bumper to the front of the transponder. It must be located no greater than 6 inches from the bottom of the frame rail to the top of the transporter within the nerf bar. No plastic wrap, factory or otherwise on tires after they have been mounted outside of the trailer.All race cars shall display the Alpenrose Dairy sticker. Two cars constitute a race. Both cars must take the initial green of a heat race and main event to be considered for awards in that race. Drivers must participate in eight (8) of the eleven (11) races for year end participation awards. All rules and procedures not set forth herein will follow the current QMA rule book or procedure manual.

All cars will be safety checked by the Safety Director or designee prior to entering the race track at every race.The Safety Director or designee may inspect the car at the scales to check all necessary items. Safety equipment and clothing to be governed by QMA or local ordinances, whichever is most stringent.Drivers are to obey the flagger at all times.  Drivers failing to answer the flags on the second attempt will be disqualified from that session and asked to leave the track immediately. All visors will be in place before the car approaches the track.  Clear or amber shields required after dusk.All corner workers will be in their respective corners, coinciding with the numbers on the racecars prior to the start of the race.  For Novice races it is recommended that two corner workers are in each corner.  If corner workers are not present it is the discretion of the Race Director to red flag the race until corner workers are present.

Technical Procedures:
The Tech Director will draw the number of classes he/she chooses at the end of the A-Mains in the presence of handlers at impound.Top four finishers in each A main will automatically be impounded to a specified area for Technical proceedings.  The Tech Director has the right to tech any or all cars in any class at his/her discretion.The Tech Director will make available a weight to calibrate the scales.If a muffler comes loose but does not leave the car, it is NOT reason for immediate disqualification.  All mufflers must be securely fastened to the header pipe and the header pipe must be securely fastened to the head.  Handlers may repair broken exhaust pipes or mufflers in the designated work area under yellow or non-medical red flag conditions.  Muffler baffles, mufflers, and exhaust pipes lost during a race and not repaired back to QMA legal specifications before the checkered flag waves will be reason for disqualification at scales.

Fuel and Sealing:
An 89 Octane unleaded gasoline is required.  The required fueling station is the 76, located at 3975 Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.  Additives are reason for disqualification.  The Tech Director will supply a unique paint marker for sealing at each race.All sealing will be done per QMA procedures and rules.Failure to have your tank sealed or tampering with the seal or fuel is reason for disqualification.  On qualifier days, your car must be fueled and sealed directly after qualifying.The Tech Director will be testing fuel, oil, and tires as necessary.

Spec Tire:
All cars in all classes, with the exception of Novices will be required to run Vega MBM tire.  If a car is spotted in staging with the wrong brand and compound tire, they will be required to change to the allowed tire brand and compound before being allowed to enter the track.  If a car finishes a race with the wrong brand and compound tire, then they will be DQ'd at scales and receive zero points for that race.  All other QMA rules pertaining to tires apply.At all events in the 2014 PQMRA series, each car will be required to run the same right side tire that they ran during their respective heat race.  Allowances for a replacement tire can be made with prior Race Director approval in cases where a tire becomes inadvertently damaged beyond use.  The replacement tire must also be a previously marked tire.  Penalty for racing the main event without the required marked tire will be a DQ at scales.

Novice Information:
The Novice committee must authorize all Novice move ups with a unanimous vote.  Any request denied by the Novice committee must be accompanied by written memorandum stating reasons of denial.  All new Novice racers are required to start in the back of the pack for their first race. All Novice drivers training programs will be governed by QMA guidelines.  It is recommended that beginning drivers attend 4 drivers training classes prior to advancing to Novice class. Novice Class is NOT racing for points or championships.  Their attendance is logged for year-end participation awards.

One judge is required to be in the judging area prior to cars being pushed off for the warm up period.A minimum of three judges with a maximum of five is required to be present prior to the display of the green flag for a race event.  At the discretion of the Race Director, the race can be run without judges.Judges shall not be handlers, owners or parents of drivers entered in the same division at the race event.It is recommended that all judges view the QMA Judging Video prior to judging any race. 

Judging Calls:
If contact is made between two or more cars or if a car is damaged while avoiding a wreck, resulting in a caution flag, the handler will receive eight (8) laps once a line up is achieved to work on their car in the pits.  If you do not make it out by the green flag and one full lap has been completed, then the car cannot rejoin the race.All judging calls are final and cannot be protested.

All club races that require qualification will be ran using the QMA National qualifying procedures. 

In the event qualifying is not completed due to time requirements or other obstacles, the racing positions will be determined by the pill draw.Drivers arriving late and miss qualifying will start at the back of the pack and behind any "No Time" qualifiers.  Late arrivals positions will be determined by order of sign in.

In the event you forget to put your transponder on your car or the wrong transponder on your car you will NOT restart your qualifying session, you will only run the amount of laps remaining in your session.If the transponder is from PQMRA and is not working properly, you will be given a new transponder and the full amount of laps.Car and engine meet all specifications in accordance with QMA rules.The car must utilize approved track fuelThe race car is within weight requirements and engine is sealed immediately upon exiting the track after qualifying. The race car must remain in impound while these procedures are under way. 

Track records will be open at each qualifying event. Cars must minimally meet the following guidelines:

2014 Race Weekend Format:
Saturday racing will start at 8:30 – 9:30am with Safety and sign-in.  Pit meeting at 9:45am.  Novice practice starts at 10:00am with racing to follow no later then 10:30am.

Sunday racing will start at 9:30 -10:30am – Safety and sign-in.  Pit meeting at 10:45am.  Novice practice starts at 11:00am with racing to follow no later than 11:30am.

Practice on the race days will be reserved at the discretion of the Race Director and will be determined based upon attendance.

There will be an 12-race point series.  All races will following the qualifying format unless otherwised determined or voted upon by attendance.  The top three drivers will be awarded, and participants will receive recognition.

  • April 12
  • April 13
  • May 10
  • May 11
  • Jun 7
  • Jun 8
  • July 12
  • July 13
  • Aug 23
  • Aug 24
  • Sept 13
  • Sept 14


QUALIFYING FORMAT: Qualify, One Heat, and One Main

Qualifying immediately following pit meeting, first to sign in, last to qualify.  Note:  Your car must be fueled and the fuel sealed prior to qualifying.  Qualifying order will follow the QMA format unless otherwise determined by the Tower Coordinator. This will be presented at the Pit Meeting.

Your car must be fueled, sealed, and tires branded directly after qualifying.  Handlers will be required to run the branded tires for the remaining heat and main event(s).  In the event you experience a tire defect (e.g., cut tire) you can acquire a branded tire from the Tech Director.  If a tire wheel is damaged during a racing event, it will be at the discretion of the Race Director or Tech Director to determine if another used tire (non branded or branded) can be used.  The handler must get approval first before using another tire.

Refer to QMA rulebook for any other items regarding qualifying format.

Heat Races:  Invert top 4 qualifiers for junior classes and top 5 qualifiers for senior classes. 1 minute warm up.  Junior classes will have 15 laps and 15 minute time limit.  Senior classes will have 20 laps and 20 minute time limit.

Main Events:  Invert top 4 finishers from heat races in junior classes, top 5 finishers in senior classes.  2 minute warm ups.  Juniors will have 30 laps and seniors will have 40 minutes.  All main events will have a 30 minute time limit.

Timed Out Race:
When time is up, per the tower, the race will finish on the next incident flag or at the checkered flag.  If the incident occurs that brings out the yellow or red flag, the field will be lined up in the re-start order and that will be the finish of the race signified by the waving of the yellow and checkered flags together.

Rain Out of Event:
As per the PQMRA Bylaws, The President is responsible, along with the Race Director to cancel or postpone any race due to weather, tragic events, natural disasters, and the like.

In the event of rain, if the first main event has been completed, the race will be considered final.  If the first main event has not begun, the race will be moved to the next rain date and all results will be voided and no points provided.  The format will be the same as the race rained out. 

These racing rules may be amended, revised, or repealed in the following manner:

Any modification must be discussed during a general (club) meeting.  A majority vote by those in attendance must be achieved to have the amendment, revision, or repeal accepted, otherwise the amendment, revision, or repeal will be voided.